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Friday March 23, 2018


A new event this year, Thursday June 22nd, there will be a dinner theater at the Grey Rock Casino.  The musician that night will be Gisele Gaudreau.  The cost of the tickets will be at 35$ each for a night of great food and fabulous music.

TRAVELLING MUSICIANS BAND from June 21 to 24 2017
Wednesday, June 21 1:30 pm Manoir Bellevue
4 Bateman Street
Thursday, June 221:30 pm Hospital, 3rd floor,
275, Hébert blvd 
 3:30 pm Résidences le Montagnard,
Power road
Friday, 23 1:30 pm Villa Desjardins Inc
Queen street 
Saturday, 24  2:00 pm Foyer Ste-Élisabeth
25 des Ormes street, Baker-Brook 

Preliminary Program

You can click the artists name to view a short bio and a link to a video.
Friday, June 23rd

11:45 am Janice et Thierry
5:00 pm to 5:30 pm A Cappella les Spicy Boys
7:00 pm Nathalie Renault
8:30 pm Guy Cardinal
10:00 pm Ria Reece
Saturday, June 24th

11:00 am Gisèle Gaudreau
11:00 am Nathalie Renault
5:30 pm Camille Caron et David Alain
7:00 pm Pat Dugas
8:00 pm Jerry T. Band
10:00 pm Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute